Past Results

Tournament Rules:

1. Each tournament will consist of 6 matches (3 for each Titan).

2. Tournament will be broken into 3 rounds (1 match for each Titan per round).

3. In each round the Gladiators (survivors) must use the same perks, items and addons for both matches, they can however swap perks such as ‘Decisive Strike’ and ‘Borrowed Time’ between themselves so that the second Titan (killer) cannot plan ahead for it. As long as the total amount of each perk doesn't change.

4. Scoring will be taken from the amount of blood points that are earned by the Titan at the end of each match, the winner will be the Titan with the highest total score after all 3 rounds are played.

5. Gladiators must be the same 4 players for all 6 games, they could change their build completely between rounds if they choose to, but that build remains in place for both games in that round (except the exemptions in rule 3 and changes made by some ‘Game Sets’).

6. Each week a ‘Game Set’ will be picked to determine how the killers and maps will be chosen (see Game Set Options).

7. The titan that is not playing a match is welcome to view the match as a spectator.

8. As the games are live streamed, there is an honourable understanding that none of the 6 players will watch the stream to give themselves an advantage (no stream sniping). 

Game Set Options:

1. Each Titan picks 1 killer for them both to play, and the 3rd killer is picked at random from a killer wheel. Maps - 1st match of each round will be random; 2nd match will be played on the same map.

2. Each Titan picks their 3 killers; Gladiators are aware and can prep perks accordingly for each match. Maps - Titans choice each match.

3. Each Titan picks 2 of their own killers (and makes them known, the 3rd killer is picked by each other’s opponent (not revealed until it is time to play it). Maps - Gladiators choice for the 1st two and random for the 3rd.

4. Gladiators choose killer for round one, each Titan picks a killer for them both to play for round 2 and 3. Maps - Round 1 is Titans’ choice (can be a different map for each Titan) rounds 2 and 3 maps are picked by the Titan that did not pick that killer.