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The Army Painter’s Battlefield Basing Glue is a special, non-toxic glue perfect for glueing rocks, sand, grass, or other basing material to a miniature base or your terrain.

A miniature’s base is just as important as the actual figure. This is because it contributes to the overall gaming experience, adds to the aesthetics and visual appeal of the figure, and helps convey the character's background or environment. Adding details such as sand, rocks, and tufts can take the mini’s look to a higher level. To do so, you only need basing materials and glue.

The Battlefield Basing Glue is a non-toxic PVA glue (Polyvinyl Acetate) ideal for all terrain building, scenery making, and miniature basing. It is water-soluble, meaning you can thin it with water to achieve the desired viscosity. When wet, the PVA glue is white and becomes transparent after drying. 

Craft glue, wood glue, PVA glue – whatever you call it, Battlefield Basing Glue is the best glue for miniature basing and terrain building. Because of its strong bonding capabilities, it can be used to glue together a wide range of materials, including XPS foam, Styrofoam, wood, paper, cardboard, cork, and plaster.  

The Battlefield Basing Glue comes in a smart dropper bottle with a pointy precision nozzle for easier and more precise application. You can dose the exact amount you need and minimise waste. The smart twister cap keeps the glue fresh for longer.

If you need to cover a larger area, e.g., when building terrain, you can use an old brush to spread out the glue.

As the Battlefield Basing Glue doesn’t work as well on plastics and metals, we recommend you add The Army Painter’s Plastic Glue and Super Glue to your toolbox.