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Have a great miniature conversion idea? Learning to sculpt your own models? The Army Painter Sculpting Tools are ready for any project!

Made with high-quality, durable Stainless Steel The Army Painter Sculpting Tools pass the test for miniature painters, modelers, and sculptors of all skill levels. This set features 3 different Sculpting Tools. Each tool is two-sided for a total of 6 uniquely shaped heads designed to meet any modeling needs.

Use the flat and broad sided heads to smooth out large surfaces, or precisely cut scales and edging into your model, and use the detailed tips to sculpt fur, hair, and other textured surfaces.

Whether you're converting a new miniature or sculpting your own creation, these tools are versatile enough for fantasy, historic, and sci-fi miniatures. Use in combination with The Army Painter Green Stuff to carve, cut, and clean your miniature. These tools are a must-have for filling gaps and cleaning molds lines on all plastic, pewter, and resin miniatures.